It's a-bow-t time.

I've been trying to work out how to do this hairstyle all week! I mean, I've done a few other things this week too.. but mostly I've been trying to get this super cute birthday party hair-do nailed in time to attend my first birthday-do of the year, next week.

It was this youtube clip that helped me work it out.. Aww she's sooo cute.

What I'm wearing:

Dress: (actually just a maxi-skirt that I've pulled up and pinned to give the impression of a dress) $8 - Vintage
Chunky tie-up wedges: $69.95 - Williams Shoes
Sunnies: unsure - Vintage ;)

A simple, cute and quirky summer outfit.

I think I might dye my hair tomorrow... Something in the breeze today told me it was time for a change. We'll see huh :)

Love and Inspiration xox K