Something Old, Something New.

I put a 'rich mahogany' dye through my hair yesterday - and I feel like I've just been given a new wardrobe. Maybe it's just me, but even the slightest change in hair-do can totally transform your look, your clothes and your attitude. That's just what I needed.
So if you're feeling a little dull, bored, normal... etc etc, how bout a change? :) I think a new year is the perfect time to experiment.
I wore this outfit to a photo shoot today, and I wanted to show it to you because it was sooo easy to put together - and I reckon it looks pretty cool - AND I'm positive you've got all the things you need already in your wardrobe to re-create the look!

I wore: Crisp white singlet with embroidery around edges (Tree of Life - gift)
But you can also wear: Any singlet that's a little oversized/baggy (don't go clingy for this look)
I wore: Black shiny tights (Supre - $24.95)
But you can also wear: Any fitted black tights or jeans
I wore: Black flat boots folded down (Myer - $49.95)
But you can also wear: Any neutral coloured boots (black/tan/grey) or even a cute pair of strappy flats (NOT THONGS!)
I wore: Brown chunky belt and matching shoulder bag (Vintage)
But you can also wear: Any neutral coloured chunky belt and a bag -small or big- that ties in with the outfit (neutrals are always a safe bet)
I wore: A fabulous faux fur shrug (Vintage)
But you can also wear: Any statement piece to set this outfit off eg. Animal print scarf, funky beret, oversized earrings, fur jacket, fedora. Think glam. You need this piece to properly complete this look.
I wore: Recently dyed messy big hair and dark smoooookey eyes
But you can also wear: a bun on the top of your head or any hair style with a sweeping fringe/straight fringe, and just some mascara and nude lip gloss

Then I popped on a cute black fedora just for something a little more styled (Roger David - $24.95), but that's optional ;)
Just incase you were wondering what I was listening to...
Speak soon,

Love and New Hair Colour, K xoxox