What is an Indigo Child?

 Katie - Age 3

'Indigo Children are those who are believed to represent a higher state of human evolution. The term itself is a reference to the belief that such children have an indigo coloured aura. The colour indigo represents the chakra of the third eye, which is associated with the intuition and paranormal abilities such as seeing angels, spirits or deceased loved ones.
They are highly empathic, possessing the ability to discern what others are thinking and feeling. Thus they have the ability to know when someone is being authentic, honest and truthful.
Indigo Children are highly sensitive with a clear sense of self-definition and a strong feeling that they need to make a significant difference in the world. They are strong-willed, independent thinkers who prefer to be self-guided rather than directed by others.
They are unique in the way they see things and will not conform in order to fit into society. Indigo's possess wisdom and a high level of awareness beyond their years. They have a tendency to become unsociable when not around others of like mind.
They are highly energetic people, so movement is required to keep them better focused. They love to talk and explain things. They tend to be very animated and dramatic. They have a very difficult time sitting still unless they are doing something they find valuable.
They possess a low tolerance for people and systems that are not authentic and authority without a good cause or reason. They become very angry, frustrated and will act out if they sense injustice.
When surrounded by a lot of negativity, anger, loud, noisy places and things of this sort, they will become imbalanced and will absorb the negativity and become very introverted and have difficulty coming out of their shell.'

Are you an Indigo Child?