Wet Woodford in Polaroid.

As suspected, it rained aaall day long at Woodford on Tuesday (we even got bogged in the car park!). So we made the executive decision to not buy any tickets for the Wednesday and Thursday :(

I tell ya what, it's hard to look and feel fabulous when you're trudging through heavy rain and thick mud in gumboots - but I saw it as just another fashion challenge. And you know how I love them! :D
For those of you that don't know of Woodford Folk Festival, it's most definitely not your average festival. First of all it's 5 times bigger, with about 20 different stages offering world music, dance, circus performers, comedy, art workshops, singing/instrumental workshops etc etc. As well as market stalls filled with gypsy clothing, jewellery, massage, instruments, amazing food and coffee.. and so much more. It's family friendly, down to earth, cultural and goes for an entire week, ending new year's day.

What I did:

-Wore lots of gypsy-style jewellery! It doesn't matter what the weather, you've really got no excuse for a lack of accessories. Each of the 4 rings I'm wearing I picked up for less than $5 from Diva.

-Wore gumboots! and this is why...
Funky gumboots like these, for us girls, can be found at most shopping centres in a store called Groove for around $30.
Jack's hat that we decorated with feathers... He's so cool :p
- Wore my hair in an up-do so that it wouldn't go frizzy from the weather. This is a HUGE bun on the top of my head, and a thin plait (of my own hair) across my forehead for more of a boho look.
- Wore my huge ($4) vintage shawl to warm me up as it got cooler throughout the night.
- Wore a dress that wasn't white, or too light in colour, so it wouldn't show when I got splattered with mud while walking.

- Wore a decent sized over the shoulder bag to carry all of my tools ;)
- Wore red nail polish also to assist in a more styled and colourful look.
- Drank piping hot coffee to keep spirits up! ...mmmm...

And here are some extra little snaps I took from around the festival later that night.

I managed to snap a moment during the night when it stopped raining. No umbrellas!

Definitely not your average festival food at Woodford... suitably wholesome!
A sea of humans watching Arrested Development live!

And of course it's been sunny every day since we left! :( haha... ahh well. Planning NYE outfit as we speak.

Oh, and just in case you've got some spare time on your hands, have a listen to my beautiful Jack who sang at one of the more popular venues at Woodford, The Chai Tent.

Love, Light, and Inspiration xoxox K