25th December 2010.

I don't know about you but my Christmas was fairly non-eventful. Not in a bad way. It's not often I get to spend the day lying in bed in the air-con watching movies, sipping sav blanc, and every so often skipping out to the fridge to see what else is in there for me to devour. The highlight for me was our roast dinner (pictures below) : AHH-mazing. Who knows how I had enough room left in my tummy after polishing off the entire contents of the fridge that day- Christmas does something to me...

Over-sized Animal Print Tee: Vintage (xmas present)
Over-sized Chunky Waist Belt: Vintage (xmas present)
Black Tights: Kmart - $12.95
Harper's Bazaar Mag: Newsagent - $8.50
Cross Chain: Vintage (can't remember)

Now I'm off to get ready for a belated Christmas party (costume: Mrs Claus) at the Sunshine Coast - then I'm heading to Woodford Folk Festival tomorrow for a few days (depending on weather/mood). So stay tuned for my festival blog :)
I hope you're having fabulous holidays and enjoying the final few days of 2010!!

Love ya xoxo K