Hmmm... Sandals and socks. Heels and socks... Nope - this look has never done it for me.. It doesn't make sense! Why wear any open toe or dressy shoe and ruin it with socks?

I was sitting in amongst some of Australia's top fashion experts a few weeks ago, when the topic 'most hated trend at the moment' was put to the table.
For me, the answer was simple: 'sandals or heels worn with socks.. YUCK. '

But I'm an open minded kind of person - especially when it comes to fashion/trends. So seeing as the year is nearly out (and I'll be able to start fresh in 2011) I battled the rain today and tried this look on for size - to see if I could maybe, just maybe... be converted. But I remain undecided. What do you think?

Any thing you want to try out/on before the year is out? Go on, I dare you...

xxxx K