Animal Print, Ponies and Peacocks.

Greetings darlings.

We're well and truly into Summer now, so I'm going to touch on (yet again) my fave Summer look for 2010/2011 - Trrrrribal. I've re-used a few of the accessories from my brother's wedding last weekend and created a completely different look with them. It's all about the turquoise and the browns for me this summer. Mmmmm... what a delicious combination of colours!

Check out my new harem-style animal print tights (thanks Sharna!) I wore out in the country today.. oh, and the adorable Shetland Ponies that came over to the fence to join in on the shoot :D naaaww xx

Tribal Tip: Keep an eye out for the rich colours and distinctive patterns of the peacock feather in earrings, necklaces, and even as prints on clothes for summer... Let the turquoise remain the feature colour by only adding neutral palettes (i.e brown/white/cream).

The break-it-down:
Shoes: Table Eight Clearance Store (Stones Cnr) - $34.95
Wooden and Bronze bangles: Diva - $5 set
Owl Ring: Lime Green Fashion (Forest Lake): $16
Chunky Spiderweb Ring: Lovisa - $9.95
Over-sized Necklace: Diva - $19.95
White T-Shirt: Best & Less - $14.95
Animal Print Harem Pants: Chrissy pressie - she won't tell me!

Teehee... I shall call him Tony, the Shetland Pony.

These colours look spunky on men too:
Jack's brown shoulder bag: Vintage - $8
Jack's leather arm band (left): Roger David - $19.99
Jack's leather cross necklace (right): Roger David - $24.99

I must take a moment to welcome all of the new Be Inspired followers to this space :) It's lovely to have you here.
And thank you everyone for all of the emails and comments as well - I love to hear from you! You keep me going, you keep me inspired xx Love K