Yesterday, just an hour before the Melbourne cup race... Mother called asking if I'd like to come around for a glass of sparkling and some nibblies.
"Are we dressing up?" I asked... half hinting at YES.
"Of course", she replies.
"Great, I'm leaving in 20". Sh**. That means hair, makeup AND an outfit fabulous enough to watch the Melbourne cup in - and I've got 20 minutes to put it together... I love a challenge ;)

Hmmm... I still had my fantastic jewelled shoes (the ones I wore to the wedding on Saturday) by my bed, and my accessories to accompany it sitting neatly on the dresser. Perfect! All that I needed to find was a cute dress, and something fabulous for my hair.

I picked up this pretty pale pink dress from a boutique on Bridge Rd, Melbourne, for $10. Its corporate-like vertical stripes, pearl buttons and tiny sleeves, remind me of something 'the first lady' would wear to a brunch.
I chose only soft colours for my makeup so as to reflect the tones in the dress.

I had 5 minutes to do a quick up-style (my hair was much too knotted to wear down). So I thought back to yet another video of Foxy Locks' that I'd watched last week, and gave it a go. Click here to view the video.
It looked amazing, and it was ridiculously easy to do. I pinned a flower off to the side of it which instantly gave a more 'Spring Racing' feel to the outfit.

So in 21 minutes (the extra minute was to dress Jack), I was out the door - and ready for a glass of sparkling.
...or two ;)

Chat soon xxx K