Try Tribal.

Who says that just because every muscle in my body aches, my head feels like it will over heat and explode, my throat feels like it's on fire, and my nose is running faster than a gold medalist in the Olympics, that I can't do a blog entry for you!?!

Not me. So lets try Tribal. :)

As the weather heats up so do our colour palettes, with yellows, greens, reds, browns and every bold pattern you can imagine. But there's no need to rush into it and risk a fashion fail - let's you and me ease our way into this Summer trend. Baby steps.
To me, dressing in the Tribal trend feels a lot like an eccentric take on boho - so as you can imagine I'm very much in my element. I must say the ridiculously amazing sunset yesterday helped, so much so that for the 10 minute shoot, I forgot about my aching body, and embraced the tribal goddess within.

Enjoy! xx K

I've started my experiments with a simple, and much less edgy, Tribal themed outfit. A brown maxi dress with woven detail, a tasseled brown and gold choker, and a tan and gold tie that I've wrapped around my right leg (could also work wrapped around top of arm). The feathers are just for fun :p

I've pulled back my hair in a loose pony tail, leaving a few wispy bits out, and curled the ends to give it a bit more of a feminine and natural look.
This faux leather tan and gold woven tie that I've used to dress up my right ankle, is from Diva ($14).

The cream woven detail on the front of this beautifully cut dress is what gives it that earthy, tribal look. Brown is a gorgeous, mellow colour to start out with when experimenting with this new trend.
This is a Review dress, that I found for $30 at the Take-Two vintage markets in Melbourne.

I have to share with you one of my secrets that will work like a dream if you're tired, grumpy or (in my case here) under the weather. Wearing glitter around the eyes, whether it be a little or a lot, will automatically make you look more awake, more friendly, more alert etc.
In the day time opt for a softer colour glitter to line your eyes (browns, babypink, soft silver), and in the evening you can go crazy with more intense colours (electric blue, gold, deep oranges). Priceline have a massive range of glitter liners/eye shadows/loose powders etc. to choose from, starting as low as $3.

This tasseled choker was from Equip for $5.

Really getting into character here with a tribal dance, just before the sunset completely disappears for the day - then it's straight back home to watch some more episodes of SATC and eat some more cold and flu tablets :)

*sniffsniff* (with love) xox K