Inspired by Mr Wayne Cooper

"What I see our summer skies to be like is how we got our pallet", Wayne Cooper.

Hello lovelies! I found inspiration for this next blog from the newest collection by Wayne Cooper, 'Smoke and Mirrors'. Want to check it out before you go on? Just click here :) pretty amazing huh?!

So this is my take on his 2010 Spring/Summer collection, with a twist of Katie, and at a much more affordable price.

I hope you love this outfit! I've always loved mirroring nature in fashion through the use of varied prints, materials and colours. This little number is definitely a new fave of mine xxx K
This gorgeous deep blue tie-dyed maxi is from Temt ($39.95).

To enhance the white dye and trimmings in the dress, and bring this otherwise simple outfit to life, I've added a loose-knit crochet vest from Temt ($29.95). This instantly gives the whole look more of a styled, boho vibe.

The hottest hair style you've seen around lately is the fish-tail braid. As much as I'd love to say I did this one myself (all of mine seem to look like intricate knots), I have to thank my gorgeous bf/photographer for watching this video and giving it a try, to make me happy! :)
I was very impressed!
I've had quite a few mothers-to-be ask me recently if I could put together a blog for them (soon I promise!). But for now I must point out that because this dress is so loose and billowy from the bust down, it could most definitely be considered a maternity dress. If you're feeling a little uncomfortable about it being a boob-tube style, this crochet knit will provide the perfect amount of coverage to look and feel fab ;)

These wooden and gold bangles are from Diva of course ($5 a set).

I knew this neutral nail colour from my pedi the other day would work perfectly with my spring outfits!

oooh! distracted...

So what you see here came to a grand total of $74.90 - cha-ching! All you need is a cute pair of strappy flats or some beige chunky wedges and you're in business! (and looking daaamn fine)

Wayne Cooper says gun metal greys, deep blues, and softer washed metallic silvers are the must-haves right now. Look out for pieces with a lot of movement, a lot of drape - and if you're lacking any inspiration, just look to the skies ;)

I'm off to the style capital of Australia now, Melbourne, for about a week - and I cannot wait to show you all what's going on down there (and of course some of the cute outfits I've got to wear).
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Love & Inspiration, K xxx