What are the chances??

..of me finding a matching purse to my favourite playsuit, sitting in my cupboard!? And more importantly, how did I never realise that these two pieces are an exact match for eachother!?

Ladies, I'd like to introduce you to my new friend, the 'Playsuit'. This little number ticks all the boxes for Spring. It's cute, easy to wear - and it's got built in shorts so that I can do hand-stands and cartwheels WHENEVER I want! :)

Hope you like it too... xx

These classic tan heels match in perfectly with the neutral and pastel tones in the Playsuit, and of course, the purse matches pretty well too!
Unbeknownst to me, yesterday my mother booked me in for a pedicure at 'Apollo's Day Spa' in South Brisbane :) (thanks mum! x) Pedicures are something you don't think of treating yourself to very often, but they're great for making you feel that extra bit lady-like and pampered.
The half hour 'Spa Pedicure' only cost $40 - a small price to pay for a foot makeover!
... I chose a shiny brown polish because I'm positive it will match all of my Spring outfits, whether it's florals, military or pastels. Neutral coloured nails are always a safe bet!

I've opted for warm brown tones in my makeup to give a more natural feel to this whole look. I use 'Models Prefer' eyeshadow, available at Priceline ($7 for a full set of colours).

If you're inspired to try a Playsuit out, here are some really cute ones for under $30 that I found in Ally (www.allyfashion.com)

Pull out the pins, curl your hair, and get ready for play time!

Catchya soon my darlings xx K