Melbourne Photo Diary.

Greetings my lovelies! :) I just got back from my 4 day Melbourne trip! So I've put together a photo diary for you.
Enjoy xx K

Dinner at Port Melbourne.

Eggs Benedict.
Brekky in one of Melbourne's many funky lane-ways, on a cold and rainy morning. I just had to take a photo of this styled cool-cat that was wandering around with his piano accordion on his back.

Night Out.
The start of a crazy night out, feeling uber cool in my $20 outfit (over-sized metallic shirt $10 Cotton On, shiny ruched tights $10 Valley Girl).

Take 2 Markets.
The best vintage markets EVER. Take 2 Markets are held on Burwood Rd in the town hall some Sundays. I was absolutely overwhelmed at the quality, range and PRICE of these 2nd hand/vintage clothes and accessories - and would definitely recommend these markets to anyone living in or visiting Melbourne.
The pretty white scarf you see here is from Temt - $12. It's perfect for spring/summer weather because it's a light girly accessory.

Exhausted from a day of bargain shopping and wandering the streets I decided to indulge in my all time favourite drink: the espresso martini. Can't beat that 2 in 1 action ;)

Bridge Road.
Heaven on earth. There was no way I was going to visit Melbourne and not spend an entire day walking down the road famous for its low cost fashion outlets. No sir-ee.

If you're into the boho-ish dream catcher look at the moment, check out Sportsgirl's new range of accessories - sooo hot right now.
...and I have just bought the next 6 blogs for you! haha. I spent less than $100. Feeling good ;)

Sushi in my new Jacket.

My newest love, this chocolate brown faux leather jacket I picked up from a boutique on Bridge Rd for $19!!!
Sitting down for my final Melbourne meal at a sushi train. California rolls, Sake, and my new favourite jacket... the perfect end, to the perfect long weekend away :)

As good as it is to get away, there's really no place like home. :)
I hope you enjoyed this photo diary! Unfortunately for this trip I didn't have my gorgeous photographer with me to help with the snaps, but I can't wait to do the next blog for you alongside him again... I've got all of my new outfits from Melbourne to show you!

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Chat soon!
xxx K