Photo Diary - FNQ
Part 2

But wait, there's more! Thought you might like to know that I'm still having a blast up here in the sunshine guys! Here's some more piccies from the last few days... enjoy!

A day at the beach with my new vintage maroon shoulder bag ($3) :)

p.s heaps of these pictures look GREAT in full size, so if you'd like to see them properly, just click on the image xox

I've decided to pair some wooden bangles with this blue tie-dyed mu-mu dress (just like my animal print version I wore in my last entry.. it was also $22 from Tree of Life), and a plain gold statement ring to match in with the buckle on my bag.


These animal print sunnies which you might remember, I got from Loot for $14.95. What a perfect match for my thin animal print head tie ($9.95 - Diva).

still just a little kid on the inside...

A cheap, colourful, fun and easy to wear outfit for the beach :)

Feeling totally fabulous! hehe..

And for a change of scenery...
Situated on 5 stunning hectares, approximately an hour and a half out of Cairns with a range of 7500 tropical plants and trees - yes, I visited the tranquil and oh so stunning Paronella Park :)

And I felt like I was in some kind of fairytale. Ruins of castles, grand staircases covered in moss, waterfalls, turtles and butterflies *sigh*

To put the icing on the cake I got to wear an all-vintage outfit ($15 ALL TOGETHER bar the shoes!)
hope you like it!

Tie-dyed orange and green maxi dress - $8 :-D
..I asked them if they'd like to be in my blog ;)

Most maxi dresses are loose enough at the bottom to be able to tie into a small knot on the side of you for a different look!

Finished off with simple bronze jewellery, so as not to draw attention away from this gorgeous dress.
(same maroon shoulder bag - as in above photos on the beach - $3 vintage )

lucky me :) x

and now finally... for something new, my gorgeous camera man/bf makes it in front of the camera! naaw...

...table for two??
It got a bit chilly in Paronella as the sun went behind the clouds for the afternoon. This gorgeous cream knit shawl (vintage - $4) looks great with the earthy colours in my dress.

driving home that night... couldn't resist a sunset shot

Life is beautiful, isn't it.

I've got some more exploring to do, but we'll speak soon xox K