FNQ Photo Diary - Part 3

Hope you had a great weekend sweets! Yesss I'm still up in sunny Far North Queensland, discovering more and more beautiful places every day! Unfortunately flying back home on Thursday, so trying to squeeze in as many touristy things (and outfits) as I can before then...

Here's the past few days.. in the form of a Photo Diary :)
Once again, just click on a piccy to see it close up xox


Josephine Falls... 45 mins out of Cairns. A short walk through gorgeous rainforest, creeks and mini waterfalls led us to this.

This fresh and comfortable peasant style outfit, including accessories and shoes, cost me a grand total of $57 dollars.
White dress: (actually just a long skirt pulled up higher) was $29 from Kmart
Strappy brown shoes: $5 from DFO near Brissy Airport

Orange and yellow leadlight ring: vintage $3
Brown wooden bangles: part of a set on sale at Diva, for $5
Brown plaited head band: $9.95 at Diva
Wooden drop earrings: $5 on sale at Diva

hehe... this is edible right??

I cannot find words to describe just how beautiful Josephine Falls is, luckily I don't need to because my gorgeous photographer/bf always manages to capture it in his images...

..taking time to breathe in, and appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds me.

I stopped to pick a flower..

..on the side of the road. This was taken while walking to a beachside cafe for brekky - just metres from where we've been staying in our cute little cottage.

On a morning where getting out of bed was enough to think about, let alone trying to look fabulous for the day ahead of me - I chose these denim high-waisted shorts (Jay-Jays $25), and white short-sleeved vintage blouse (tied in a knot instead of tucking it in, for a more beachy and summery feel)
Cute mini black shoulder bag: Vintage $3
African multi-coloured head scarf: Myer $20 (perfect to hide my bad hair day)
Coolest sunnies in the world: Vintage (perfect to hide my tired eyes)
Hibiscus flower: perfect way to prettify and give this outfit some more colour!(free)

You can leave your hat on...
Yaaaay! My Ebay purchase arrived up here 2 days ago, and I couldnt wait to show it off to you.. Inspired by an amazing and very feminine hat that 'Samantha Jones' wears in the very first SATC movie - I bought this black version (not quite as big) from Ebay for $18.
I have a feeling it's going to be the statement piece for plenty of my outfits in the coming 2 seasons!
Remember ladies, just like your hair: the bigger it is, the smaller you will look!!

This is Bingle Bay, approx 2 hours out of Cairns just near the popular tourist attraction Mission Beach... except here we were the only tourists around :)

...am loving these deserted slices of paradise.

I've owned this brown and bronze bandeux style bikini for 2 years, but the bottoms have always been about two sizes too small for me.. so last Summer, determined to still be able to wear it and feel 100% comfortable, I cut down each side of it - and added thin black straps from an old dress. By adding some width not only does it feel better, it looks so much more unique and stylish than it did previously... Maybe you have something like this that doesn't quite fit, and just needs some altering? Dont be scared to experiment! Especially if its something that you would never wear unless it was altered :)

Just because it's the beach, doesn't mean you must be plain and practical... There's absolutely nothing wrong with ACCESSORISING!! Dress up your swimmers with some bangles, an oversized hat, or a necklace - guaranteed you'll look and feel the most fabulous there! (just take it all off before you dive in - or if you're like me, before you get smashed by a wave and pulled under)

I found this rock on the beach...

And immediately thought of you xox

I've got some more amazing places to show you before I leave, so stay tuned.

I hope you're enjoying this photo diary just as much as I enjoy doing it for you...

Love and Inspiration, always.

K xoxo

Photography by Jack at Don't Say Cheese