FNQ Photo Diary

Yesss I've arrived safe and sound in Far North Queensland! I'm sipping coffee with a view of the ocean, surrounded by coconut trees, palms, and other cute little beach shacks. I'm listening to the waves as they roll in, and the voice of many beautiful and tropical birds... and every now and again an oversized butterfly with magnificent bright blue, green and yellow wings flutters past.

I'm feeling constant sparks of inspiration up here, it's so lovely and refreshing to be away from home, and to reconnect with nature.

Along the way I'm putting together bits and pieces for you in this photo diary, to hopefully bring a little more inspiration into your day :)

This is my first installment - my first few days.

enjoy darlings xox

(just click on any images you'd like to see properly, the blog page seems to cut most of my photos in half!)

Leaving Brisbane Airport - 6:00am (feeling verrry sleepy)

I woke up just as we were arriving into Cairns, what a beautiful day, what a beautiful part of the world!

Chunky gold bangles (Diva $9.95)
Awesome animal print moo-moo style dress (Tree of Life $22)

Arriving at Cairns airport. The perfect way to hide tired eyes = oversized black sunglasses (Dotti $15)
Black bandeux in place of bra (Supre $8)


We visited the most gorgeous little cafe about an hour South of Cairns.. hard to believe this is just off of the main road! Surrounded by mountains and valleys, 'Off The Rails' Cafe was filled with organic fine foods, local artwork, and pieces of jewellery from local designers and the best coffee I've had in my life! Yes, I'm in heaven.
These silky 'genie' style pants were from Tree of Life ($25)and are by far the statement piece in this outfit!
This white singlet was from Dotti ($15). I've chosen only gold bling to match perfectly with the gold thread through the pants
contemplating life...
Sunnies - vintage
Gold plaited head band - (Diva - $9.95)

A few of my favourite things so far....

I love lamp.
Chunky jewellery... from local designers


Hope you've enjoyed part 1 of the photo diary- there's plenty more where this came from :)

until then..
hehe... mwah xoxox K