Sounds of Spring

I'm baaack in Brisvegas, and its almost official...

Spring, my fave season, is only ONE day away. Can you feel it in the air? It's sooo nice to come home to.

To me, Spring is the season where nature really gets to show off. Flowers are blooming, there are leaves sprouting on bare trees, birds chirping, bees buzzing, butterflies fluttering (cliche, I know).

It feels as though the world around me is coming back to life! :)

In an attempt to mirror nature - you'll notice floral prints make their annual come back.. Although there's still a bit of chill in the air, perhaps its time to begin thinking about how you're going to lighten up for Spring 2010. Here's some ideas to get you started:

p.s click on the piccies you'd like to see bigger x

Outfit idea 1

Winter is nearly over, and Spring is peeping through.

And I'm pretty excited...
This gorgeous floral lower back hem dress with black netting is from Dragonberry ($59).
Like my attempt at the Amy Winehouse style beehive?
The perfect way to throw a bit of edge into your floral or pastel outfit this Spring, some tarnished silver jewellery. This statement cuff is from Lovisa (of course!).
I've chosen some simple black heels to complete this outfit, but if you were after a more fearless look - black combat boots would look great! Payless Shoes sells them for less than $60.

Luckily this little fella didn't come anywhere near my hair... :p

A classy, affordable and uber feminine outfit idea for this Spring!

Outfit idea 2 is just as fabulous and affordable!

...but first things first: Ladies, if you own a pair (or god forbid two pairs) of 'thongs'- the shoe variety - PLEASE dispose of them ASAP. They have no place in your wardrobe, except of course if you're going to a fancy dress party themed: Bogan. They're totally unflattering to any female in any circumstance.

Okay so now that's been said, these cute silver strappy sandals were $9.95 from Equip. So you have no excuse that cost is the issue! hehe...
You can't get much more girly or Spring-y, than this ruffle frill flower dress: ON SALE at Dragonberry for $30. What a bargain!

Spring bling is so much fun to play with - ultra metallic or shiny accessories are perfect even during the day.
This stunning shiny silver cuff is from Lovisa.
Clutch bag: Vintage.

So chic, a simple up style or messy bun is becoming very popular for this coming season (and great when you haven't brushed your hair in about 5 days...*ahem)
I love the low cut back on this floral mini - the detail and frills in this dress are gorgeous.
And its done a pretty good job at mirroring nature don't you think?
So start peeling off the layers, step away from the grey, pop some pink lippy on - and lets welcome Spring to 2010!

Chat soon. mwa! K xo