VERY Dragonberry.

As you might know I'm not usually a boutique shopper, as I've always been under the impression (as a genuine bargain hunter!) that they are completely out of my ideal price range. 'Boutique' even sounds expensive.

This, my lovelies - happens to be entirely untrue.

I have found an absolute gem of a boutique, right in the heart of Fortitude Valley on Anne Street (Brisbane). Its name: Dragonberry

I'm positive that this boutique would have something to impress any of you fashionistas, whether it be funky street, casual boho, races-style glam or edgy rockstar... and as I've recently discovered - at prices that will NOT put you out of pocket.

I am SO excited to share with you some of their pieces, because I'm positive you'll love them just as much as I do! Welcome to Be Inspired Dragonberry, I have a feeling we are going to be great friends :)

Check out this boho chick outfit...

p.s. Just click the piccies you'd like to enlarge sweets x

This cute cream lace 'Catwalk Dress' from Dragonberry is on sale for $30.
This pretty floral 'Vintage Sunday Hat' with crochet trimmings works perfectly with this outfit...
... and is definitely the statement piece that has completed this boho chick look. Dragonberry - $39. If I get chilly I can just pop on a brown or pastel coloured cardi, wallah!
The perfect festival outfit - so Sienna Miller right now! :p
You can't go wrong when pairing these brown chunky bangles (vintage), and tan boots (Myer - $50) with a neutral and pastel coloured outfit. I've avoided wearing any earrings at the risk of having too much going on up top. Plus, this hat needs no help in creating a 'wow' factor!
super cute!

This street style low-cut 'Dream Catcher Maxi Dress' with built in singlet - is $69 at Dragonberry.
I've become quite fond of this cross earring from my previous blog. I made it using the pendant off of an old necklace that I found lying around (as you do), and now I pop it on my ear whenever I'm creating an edgy kind of look.
You might notice silver accessories tend to work a lot better with black and white outfits than gold does, because essentially silver looks like a shiny version of grey - and black and white combined, make grey :)
The low cut front on this maxi would look a little bare without a drop necklace to fill in the empty space..
I'm digging the side swept hair at the moment, be it a braid, a plait, or loose hair that I've just pinned to the side.

Ahh..... I feel like I've died and gone to 'stunning dress' heaven in this next little number.

This 'Carrie Dress' is inspired (of course!) by Carrie from Sex and the City, and is only $69 from Dragonberry! It has a built-in dress underneath and flowing layers of chiffon that swish and sway as you walk.
Because of this dress' strong colour and stand-out style, I've kept accessories to a bare minimum. This gorgeous chunky pearl and gold 'Play Dress-ups Bracelet' is also from Dragonberry ($49)
Dragonberry also have this 'Carrie Dress' in black, white, pink, electric blue, dark green, grey/white tie-dye, watermelon tie-die, berry tie-die, purple leopard print (reeeow!) and grey/blue animal print... In other words - they've got YOUR colour!

These cream Novo shoes ($49) couldn't have been a more perfect match for the pearls in the bracelet. What a simple, affordable and totally fabulous outfit!
Feeling very glam sitting in this gutter outside an abandoned factory :p

Now I'm positive this oversized 'African Tasseled Necklace' (Dragonberry - $49) is SO amazing and huge that I could even wear it as a top...

hrrmmm... maybe not! So I've put it with this all-black sexy grunge outfit instead.

I've seen so many variations of this style of tights around at the moment. These 'Black Rats Tights' ($49) are from Dragonberry, and are by far the most comfortable and best cut tights I've ever worn!
Tights should always be worn with something billowing or draping (unless you're going to the gym!)- and I happen to have found the perfect netted loose-fit 'From The Let Go' top from Dragonberry ($65)
Check out the back of it! This intricate netting is just superb. If you didn't want to go quite so bare, a black bandeu would work perfectly in place of a bra!

And last, but definitely not least this 'Sequined Tulle Party Girl Dress' looks like something Sarah Jessica Parker would wear on the red carpet! It is absolutely out of this world - and I'm sooo excited to tell you that Dragonberry sell it for only $99!!! :D

Feeling like a million dollars! I've chosen simple yet elegant accessories that won't compete at all with the layers, tulle and sequins in this party dress. Simple diamante drop earrings, a diamante bracelet, shiny black heels, and a shiny black clutch bag complement this dress perfectly.
Hehe... Having fun with my shadow.... (just click on this collage if you'd like to see it up close)

I think every girl needs that one, absolutely amazing dress in their wardrobe that makes them feel like a star - for me, this is it.
If you're looking for unique, affordable and head turning boutique pieces - tada!! I've just found it for you!!

Thanks Dragonberry - I'm Inspired :)

xox K

Photography by Don't Say Cheese