My Bohemian Dream

I’m often asked, of all the styles I wear and encourage others to wear, which one is my personal favourite. For me the answer is simple, I am in love with bohemian style, also known as boho.

Boho is just your individual interpretation of an ethnic, hippie, gypsy or peasant style. However it is not to be taken too far and transformed from boho into hobo.. J (I see a lot of that!)

If you study the boho look, you will see many long vintage-style flowing skirts and dresses, billowy blouses, layers, headpieces, large jewellery - typically brown in colour or made of wood, bold prints and patterns. Boho fabrics are generally comfortable and light.

For me, boho makes me feel natural and comfortable, and when I’m wearing it out and about, I feel that people are seeing the real Katie. This is so important because often we see styles that we think look great, then try them out – and can’t shake the feeling that it’s just not us.

I think it’s important in fashion to have fun with new styles, experiment, and get creative – but I also believe that every person has that one style that they enjoy above all others, one that connects with our inner fashionista and fits with our personality.

Just click to enlarge the pictures!

This first style is just a simple brown patterned maxi. I've paired it with some brown jewellery, and chunky brown boots - for an earthy, natural look.
One thing to note when choosing your jewellery for an outfit, is the rule of 3.
For example, in this look I've added a single arm bangle, a long necklace, and a headpiece to my outfit. I've kept it simple by not wearing earrings, and only wearing one single arm bangle. Often people will wear a headpiece, earrings, bangles, rings and necklaces all at once, and it just ends up looking messy and too busy. If you stick to your rule of 3, as in only accessorising 3 parts of your body - you can feel more sure that you've made the right choice. Note: like any rule, this is just a guideline and can be broken at your own discretion!
I'm not usually a fan of wearing boots with long skirts or dresses - except when going for the boho look. I will be wearing these boots aaall winter long, and because they're brown, they go with heaps of outfits that I own. I got them from Myer for $50 at last years end of season sale. Bargain!
I bought this brown plaited head band from Diva for $10 - feathers not included :p

Plaits and braids through a simple pony tail or down style can look instantly more boho.

Another simple boho outfit. I love the earthy colours in this style, and they will look great on any skin tone. This lightly patterned full length skirt was picked up from an op-shop for under $10. I felt a little too cold with bare legs so I've popped on some plain black stockings, which matches the top perfectly. You may recognise this top from my previous blog - it was from Cotton On for $10.
Once again, Op shops are the perfect place to find quirky and unique items - like this belt! I've never seen anything like it, and it's highly unlikely I will ever run into anyone in the street wearing one. Just what we all love!
My favourite combination of jewellery is gold (or brass) mixed with brown. Diva - $10 for a set.
For this outfit, if I'd only worn the gold bangles it would've been too 'blingy'. Adding browns or wood is the best way to dress down gold jewellery (conversely, adding gold will dress up brown or wooden jewellery). This mixture of bangles make for a classy, yet bohemian and natural look. Gorgeous!
I felt that this outfit needed no other accessories apart from the bangles and belt, so I've avoided any earrings or head pieces, and made my hair a little more interesting by plaiting each side and pinning it together at the back.

For more of a hippie spin on the boho look, add some plain wooden jewellery, a long tie-died dress or skirt, and a warm chunky poncho.
These wooden earrings were from Equip for $9.95. The bangles I bought as part of a set from Diva for $5.95.
You can get ponchos from Tree of Life, alternative clothing shops and op-shops around Brisbane, or at festival markets. Now that it's getting cooler - you'll notice many more places selling them.
They need not be daggy! Find one with striking colours, or an interesting print that suits your hair colour and skin tone, add some simple jewellery, keep the clothes underneath simple, pop on some makeup - and you have a relaxed, warm and funky look!

A more modern spin on boho.. very Sienna Miller/ Nicole Richie
I'm wearing a kaftan style, loose fitting dress and a low-cut over-sized vest for this look. However it's the hat, gloves and boots that transform it into a more modern, easy to wear boho look.
I like to call this the 'Jason Mraz' style hat, and I've seen ones very similar to this starting at $35 and often up to $70.
I bought this hat last week for $14.95 from BigW. It's great for hiding a bad hair day, and definitely the statement piece in this outfit. What a bargain!
I spotted these fingerless gloves in Sportsgirl last week for $9.95!

Now for something a little more inventive..
This floral dress (which is actually a shirt 6 sizes too large) I bought on a $10 rack in a market, and offers more of a gypsy style boho look.
I've put a dark grey turtleneck skivvy underneath it for warmth and for a layered effect, which is typical to the bohemian style. This skivvy was from Dotti for $15.
This interesting gold and brown leather-like headpiece, is actually a necklace that I bought from Diva for $9.95. Fringing like this is very popular for the boho look, and is seen typically on boots and on the bottom of skirts and tops. Have you got any necklaces that might look better as a headpiece?
This brown shoulder bag with bronze studs is from Kmart, and was $29.95. It topped off this simple boho gypsy look perfectly.

Boho is my favourite style, I found it 3 years ago - and have been playing around with it ever since. As I mentioned earlier it's so important that you find your own style, your love.

When you've found the style that's really you- getting ready requires so much less thought. It leaves more time for the important things in life, more time to do the things you want to do, and be the person you want to be.

Boho-graphy by Don't Say Cheese