The allure of lace

I woke up this morning with lace on the mind.. Black lace, pastel and coloured lace, antique lace, lace trimmings – all things lace.

Lace is stunning, classic – and has dressed some of the world's most elegant and beautiful women since it was invented in the 15th century.

Lace can be worn in the classiest moments, the most romantic moments, or the prettiest moments - and no matter your shape, size or skin tone – you'll look and feel just beautiful in it.

Okay, now here's an example of the pastel lace colours that I love so dearly. Pastel blue, mixed with cream, will look great on any skin tone. The blue skirt has trimmings of lace at the bottom of each layer, the cream only on the neck and around the collarbone... sometimes just a touch of lace is all you need!
Tip: If ever you feel inclined to climb a tree, don't attempt it in heals! It definitely wasn't as graceful as it may look..
Because my outfit is made up of pastels, my makeup should reflect this with softer tones. I wear 'Face of Australia', and 'Models Prefer' makeup, which some of you may know is uber cheap, and available at Priceline, Kmart, and Target.

I bought these pearls and flower brooch as ONE item, for $14.95 (Diva), labeled as a 'head piece'. I've separated them, and pinned this creamy-pink flower through my hair tie, whilst wrapping the pearls 3 times around my wrist. I find the chunkier and higher up the wrist your jewellery is, the smaller and more dainty your wrist (and you!) will look.

This top was $22 from Valleygirl, and the skirt from Tree of Life for $30. All in all, a surprisingly affordable and pretty outfit.

I picked up this black lace dress from Lifeline in Beenleigh for only $8! Op-shops are such great places to find anything vintage, including lace.

I knew this dress had potential as soon as I picked it up, however I wasn't too fond of its length. It was that perfectly annoying length (not quite long enough to be a maxi/not quite short enough to be a mini) so in true Katie style I cut off about two inches from the bottom. As you can see, I sometimes use the left over strip as a head band. It's great whenever I feel like adding just a tiny bit of lace to an outfit!
Loving this $10 (Myer) pair of thigh-high plain black tights!
Maybe it's time for you to get out there and visit an Op Shop? xo

Photography by Don't Say Cheese