I was just flicking through my little gold compact camera and found evidence of a quick photoshoot I'd done while waiting for my gf to arrive last night, at ASSIERE's launch party. To kill time I asked the bf to take some snaps of my outfit. Completely not planned, which is why they're not of their usual quality - but a pretty cool all-black outfit none-the-less. 

Black Cut-Out-Dress: Bardot for $30 (SALE RACK!) (bought yesterday)
Black Ankle-Boots: Betts $42 (Bridge Rd, Melbs)
Fur Bag: (actually just my little $5 Target Pouch that I wear all the time, wrapped up in my faux fur shawl)
Elk Horn Necklace: Zara Taylor Designs (UK)
Ocean Villa Nail Polish: FOA (Luxe Range) 

For makeup I just wore thick winged Liquid Eye Liner in Black (by FOA)

xx K