'Fields Of Gold'.

I could hear my sister's beautiful voice singing this song - as I frolicked through golden fields at dusk today. So I thought I'd attach the link here for you (just hit play) if you feel like listening to Leigh's soothing voice as you have a looksie through this blog entry xxx

Psychedelic Dress: Mombasa (bday pressie from mum - but I'm told it was on the sale rack and uber cheap!)
Vintage-style Locket Necklace w/ Bunny: Mombasa (bday pressie from mum - around $20??)
Fabulous Wedges: Williams ($69.95)
Purple Feathers: Diva ( $7.95 - actually just earrings that I've attached to the plaits in my hair to complete this cute hippie look)

Hair Inspiration: THIS clip

Do you love this colourful and fresh summer makeup look? Stay tuned for tomorrow's tutorial on how I did it ;)

xxx Peace and Love, K