Some of you would know (if you're following on the new Indigo Child fb page) that last week I was invited to attend the launch of the new (to Australia) shoe and accessory line 'Mascotte' at Garden City. Now being someone who's always believed that accessories/shoes are the key to great styling, and have the power to make or break your look - I was more than excited to go along and suss out what this brand new store had to offer the fashionistas of Brissy.
Their unique pieces scream quality, elegance and fabulousness. What I saw there was something for every kind of girl; the romantics, the bohemians, the party animals, the bold, the slick and the simple. 
The friendly workers at Mascotte even let me take a few of my fave pieces home to show you! Check out Mascotte's new fb page to find out where there's a store near you..
Tan oversized slouchy bag: Courtesy of Mascotte
Criss-cross black flats: Courtesy of Mascotte

These are the newest staple pieces to join my wardrobe (trust me to go straight for tan and black. haha)

Happy as a pig in mud. 

Speaking of pigs.. any of you gals out there trying to lose some of the winter weight and don't seem to be getting anywhere? Speaking from very recent experience, you need to cut out the cholesterol (animal fats) from your diet. Seriously. UP your vege intake LOWER your animal flesh intake. Simple!
You're welcome.
Love K x